Queen Naomi has landed

Queen Naomi Massina

This is her official site in addition to her tumblr but of course her tumblr highlights the superb ideas I have in store for you . Illegal requests will grant you humiliation 🙂


What do you have to offer ?

Many slaves wish to serve me but not many are properly trained. Servitude requires Tribute ,Punctuality and of course Respect for his Mistress. (T.P.R)Though it is easy to pretend to be a white knight I will know if you are nothing less than a deviant.

*A reminder I do not promote sex or any sexual activities that are rendered illegal. Don’t ask because you will be ignored.*

To inquire email: Goddnaomi@gmail.com

**No I will not skype nor send you my number .

Could Europe be my final destination ?

My next and final stop may be Berlin , of course this transition will take time. However this process can be expedited and your wildest dream may come true. To cower and crumble before me, to please me with gifts and necessities. A dream can become reality .

Lets get started.

***Of course we will need to build up trust and a mutual understanding.****

For Paypal Tribute: yamiroku@gmail.com

To skype with your Goddess you will have to tribute first otherwise you won’t get her skype id.

Goddess Naomi signing out! Bis Bald!